Mornington Peninsula Possum Removal

Possum Removal From Your Roof

A full inspection is conducted at your property inspecting ground level, Roof line and eave lines. Once all possum entry points have been located and possible future entry points located all areas are repaired.


At the main point that the possum is regularly using to enter the home a one-way door is placed in position.


A one-way door is designed to allow the possum to leave the roof and not re-enter in the morning. Meaning no need for traps that will bang and crash in your roof all night and cause injury to the possum.


No matter how many possums are in your roof they will all be able to use this door and exit the roof. Which also makes this method a lot more efficient then a trap.


I have been using this method for over 10 years now.


Once the one-way door has been placed into position most possums leave on the first night and can not regain entry again!


The one-way door is monitored daily making sure activity of the possums has occurred and further visits to make sure activity has ceased, this process usually takes 3-4 days.

The one-way door is removed once the possums have safely left the roof.


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Possum Removal


Possum Proofing

18 month warranty





  • All Holes Repaired

  • One-Way Exits Installed

  • Monitored Daily

  • 18 Month Warranty


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